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15 February 2030 @ 07:36 pm
My GACKT Fan pages <3  

Do you love GACKT and have a Facebook account? Then it's your time to shine! XD. Then it's your time to join us in these fan pages in supporting GACKT and interacting with our fellow DEARS who love him ^_^

LIKE these fan pages I made for GACKT and come and get some of whatever is posted there haha!

This page main purpose is to promote GACKT and his work. Also I will make sure that this page will always be updated with his latest merchandise so that I will make sure every fan of his will have the share of stress/frustrations whenever the monies aren't enough to get everything he releases XDDD Of course news/updates about him will be posted here too :)

Whut?! Another fan page you say? This one is different from the first because this is sort of a fan community where in every fan interacts with each other ^_^ A number of GACKT related stuffs will be posted here, from news updates to fan works <3


_ Dyan _
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