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" You are the Sweetest Sin... "

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I love watching GACKT and listening to his wonderful music. I also like reading books.I like watching movies and anime,surfing the net for hours and listening to music.I have a hobby of drawing/sketching and of course writing fan fictions and stuff. I'm really a friendly and fanatic person. I'm cheerful and out-going and I love to make lots of friends. =D

So this is my journal for my DEAREST GACKT ^_^... Yep almost ALL of my posts here are just all about Gakuto-san.
Most of the GACKT related stuffs I post are public. So if you're just after the news I post, there's no problem for me if you just friend me for that reason. But don't expect me to friend you back. I'm not really picky on friending back people just leave a comment on my "Friends Only" entry or PM me about why you want to friend me ^_~ If we share same interests and if I find you nice enough, I'll add you as a friend for sure.

Let's all spread the GACKT Love!!!
_ Dyan _

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